04 Jun
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Not All Doom and Gloom: COVID-19 and Mobile Brands (Part II)

If you’ve read Part I (link to our publication) of our summary on the effect of COVID-19 on mobile brands, you already know – the disruption has caused a surge in the mobile app industry, with users turning to apps that keep them either entertained or connected to essential services. Check out some more insights...

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04 Jun
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Not All Doom and Gloom: COVID-19 and Mobile Brands (Part I)

The COVID-19 pandemic and the related lockdown of 2.9 billion people, one-third of the global population, have certainly caused an unprecedented turmoil worldwide. How are mobile brands affected and is it all negative – or just the opposite? We were thrilled to go through an insightful report outlining mobile trends January – June 2020 to...

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04 Jun
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Ageing Consumers as a Lucrative Market

If you’ve read our publications on Gen Z, you are aware that marketing to specific consumer segments has become a primary goal for a variety of brands.  A comprehensive recent report by Euromonitor International reviews the global ageing trends towards 2040, specifically the income and spending patterns of the steadily increasing consumer demographic aged 65+....

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04 Jun
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Ad Spend Transparency and Traceability: A Mission (still to be made) Possible?

In a world of growing programmatic advertising, notwithstanding the current COVID-19-related implications, transparency is becoming a key concern. This recent analysis outlines the importance of transparency defined as total visibility of the buying funnel, including ad placement, pricing and data, for an optimized ad spending and delivery. The key takeaways are nothing short of stunning:...

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04 Jun
Empowered Branding in Interesting Times (Part II)

No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic is turning our marketing strategies and perception of normality upside down. In Part I we gave you some empowering perspectives of the situation based on a recent Ogilvy report. Let’s consider some actionable guidance on how to generate new opportunities out of the inevitable transformation in a powerful way: Consider...

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04 Jun
Empowered Branding in Interesting Times (Part I)

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic-related anxiety and confusion, it gave us a thrill to read an insightful report by Ogilvy on the importance of branding in turbulent times. While we, in our capacity of both humans and marketers, are doing our best to navigate the murky waters of an unprecedented crisis, let’s take a moment to...

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04 Jun
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Advertising to Gen Z: Go Edgy or Go Home (Part II)

If you’ve read Part I of our article, you are familiar with some of Gen Z’s behavioral traits. For marketers though, the real question is how to re-engineer advertising efforts in order to focus on properly communicating, connecting with and catering to this specific customer base. Let’s take a deeper dive:  Go edgy, not traditional:...

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04 Jun
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Advertising to Gen Z: Go Edgy or Go Home (Part I)

According to organizational psychologist Dr. Benjamin Hardy, the brain thrives on novelty, newness and challenge. Apparently, so does Generation Z – the new breed of consumers born after 1995. Research studies like this and this only confirm that in 2020, advertising campaigns should not only adapt to but also deeply resonate with the powerful evolving...

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04 Jun
Adblock Wars: Can Mobile Escape the Battleground?

The big players like Google and their significant rivals are in the middle of waging browser wars. The reason: an increasing popularity of browsers blocking ads by default. Besides desktop, virtually all mobile web browsers except Google Chrome now support ad blocking. It’s a serious issue for publishers that have relied on ads for monetization....

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04 Jun
A Buffering Ad: The Only Thing Worse Than a Buffering Video

Provided everything goes according to plan, mobile video ads are a powerful way to establish a one-on-one connection with consumers. Buffering however can be a painful nightmare that can ruin it all. Failure to fight buffering could be catastrophic for brands, contributing significantly to lost monetization, both for the ad that the viewer abandoned and...

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