16 Jul
Ad Market Expected to Fully Recover in 2021 Dominated by Digital, dentsu Forecast Suggests

The pandemic-induced decline in global advertising spend during 2020 has proved less severe than anticipated. Based on proprietary dentsu data from across 59 markets covering the Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific and Rest of World until the second half of June 2021, the latest Ad Spend Forecast by the global media agency arrives at this conclusion. The overall...

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08 Jul
Here to Stay: Stats Reveal Video Marketing’s Leading Position in 2021

Can we imagine today’s world without video? As marketers, we are well aware of the powerful connection video content creates between brands and consumers, as well as the role it plays in our digital conversations. Moreover, video has become audience’s preferred form of consumption – and brands are increasingly embracing the trend. Need more reasons...

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30 Jun
26% Growth of Digital Ads in 2021, GroupM Forecasts

GroupM has released its eagerly anticipated Global Mid-Year Forecast  and we can’t be more excited. According to the report, at midway through 2021, advertising growth for the year is far exceeding previous expectations, which has led to a major revision of the forecast for this year and beyond.  The key factors most tangibly contributing to accelerated growth in...

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11 Jun
The Peculiarities of Generational Marketing

If you have been following our Marketing Bites closely, you know that we keep track of the latest industry trends, including the specifics of demographic segmentation and the respective best strategies for marketers.  Curious for our current update on the subject? This time it is not a summary of a lengthy report but more of...

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04 Jun
01_Image to Article 20210524
An Early Look at the iOS 14.5 Effect: Ad Spend Shifting to Android

Even before Apple’s updated app tracking feature went live on April 26 with the release of iOS 14.5, the advertising industry has been waiting with bated breath. The update means mobile apps now have to ask users who have upgraded to iOS 14.5 for permission to gather tracking data. The wait is over: the first...

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04 Jun
02_Image to Article 20210514
Mobile Marketing post Privacy Changes: Context is Crucial

Following Apple’s imminent iOS update, mobile advertisers are about to face greater challenges related to tracking and ad targeting. What’s next? Reaching consumers by focusing on the context of their ads, rather than one-to-one targeting and personalization.  In a recent survey of 252 advertisers, business intelligence firm Advertiser Perceptions interviewed 252 advertisers (40% marketer and...

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04 Jun
03_Image to Article 20210416
Digital Advertising Sector Continues to Show Tremendous Resilience, Report Confirms

According to the newly released IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for 2020, digital advertising experienced a strong rebound during the second half of 2020. In fact, Q4 2020 had the highest revenue on record for digital advertising in more than 20 years.  The report commissioned by IAB and conducted by PwC renews the optimism for...

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04 Jun
04_Image to Article 20210315
The Pandemic Impact on Video Marketing: Video Remains a Key Priority for Marketers

In this most surreal time capsule we have been locked in for more than a year now, how has video marketing been standing up to the pandemic challenges? The recently released annual State of Video Marketing 2021 report by Wyzowl contains some insightful stats gathered by surveying 813 unique respondents (the highest ever sample for...

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04 Jun
05_Image to Article 20210224
Rewarded Video Ads Exclusive to the Gaming Sector? Not Anymore!

Do you associate rewarded advertising with gaining an extra “life” or an in-app bonus in gaming? Think again! Apparently, this format is already enjoying some well-deserved popularity outside gaming apps, becoming a positive enhancement to the user experience, rather than an intrusion.  Thanks to the many benefits they offer to advertisers, rewarded ads have become...

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04 Jun
06_Image to Article 20210215
Android Rules: Report Suggests 2021 May Just Be Its Year After IDFA Changes

Following marketers’ sense of unease with Apple’s IDFA privacy changes, apparently there is a silver lining shining through. A recent report by the mobile app marketing platform Liftoff suggests that due to Apple’s decision to make a huge change to settings on users’ iPhones in the name of privacy, 2021 is going to be the...

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